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When it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of the roof over your home or business in Santa Ana, rely on no other than Tom Byer Roofing Service. For the last 65 years, we have built a business based on providing exceptional workmanship and friendly customer service, all for fair, low prices. Our unfailing commitment to excellence means that when your roof needs repairs, replacements, or installations, we will explain the process to you every step of the way, and go to work making your roof everything it should be. We consider ourselves your one-stop-shop for everything relating to your roof, and have extensive knowledge working with every type of roofing material imaginable. As always, it is our pleasure serving the families and businesses of Santa Ana, and look forward to assisting you in your time of need. So what exactly do our services entail at Tom Byer Roofing Service? Please read on to learn more.

Our Services

In our effort in becoming the best roofing company in Santa Ana, and the greater Los Angeles area in general, we make sure that we can offer you a wide range of services to keep your roof in excellent shape, no matter how big or small a job it requires. Below are just a few of our most common roofing requests.

Roofing Repairs

When your roof is damaged, it can be a very frustrating situation. It may be tempting to want to get out there and try to make repairs yourself, but this can be very dangerous, and only lead to more costly repairs. At Tom Byer Roofing Service, we do repair work daily on every type of roof, be it a flat roof on a business, or an architectural shingle roof on a home. We will assess the situation and come up with a repair plan, since no two roofs are the same.

Some of the typical repairs we see include

  • Shingle damage – Those Santa Ana winds! We know they’re not a joke. Strong winds, as well as heavy downpours and other natural events tend to shake shingles loose, leaving the underlay and its components exposed. This is the fastest way to have leaks enter your home. You will be able to see shingles missing along the sloped surfaces of your roof, but it is harder to detect along the hip or eaves, where the damage is actually more likely. We can easily replace missing shingles and inspect the roof to be sure all is in working order from there.
  • Flashing and fasteners – These pieces help secure the underlayment, below the shingles or tiles. Over time, these metal pieces deteriorate, and in the process, disrupt the underlayment and cause tiles and shingles to break free from their place. We can replace the flashings and fasteners with new pieces, as well as repair any attending damage done to the underlayment, tiles or shingles.
  • Underlayment – The felt underlayment is the first line of defense in a way. It lays atop the surface of your roof, serving as protection underneath the exposed tiles or shingles, and is held down with fasteners and flashings. The problem is, if your shingles or fasteners become damaged, the underlayment becomes vulnerable to the elements, meaning all pieces will likely need to be repaired, at least in parts, before the damage extends into your home or office.
  • Termite damage – Unfortunately, due to our particular climate, we see a lot of roof damage inflicted by termites. We can repair and replace areas of the roof in which termites have nested and replace the wood and other materials.

Roof Installations – Despite the fact that roofs are designed to last, there is just no way of predicting when the unimaginable may strike and a new roof will be necessary for you to live in comfort. At Tom Byer Roofing Service, we have installed countless roofs in Santa Ana over the last several decades, and know how to install the roof you want, efficiently. We can install all types of roofs, including shingle, architectural, cool roof, shake, clay tile, composition, three-tab, and dimensional. They all have their good points, which we are happy to discuss with you so you can make the best decision for yourself and your property.

Emergency Services – When damage strikes your roof, time is of the essence. At Tom Byer Roofing Service, we can quickly arrive where you need us, assess the damage, and quickly enter repair mode. If for some reason the start of the work needs to be delayed, we have large tarps and roof wraps to cover any exposed areas so that your home is protected immediately.


The first step to avoiding large, costly repairs and installations is to make sure your roof undergoes periodic maintenance checks performed by professionals, like us at Tom Byer Roofing Service. When you call on us for a maintenance check-up, we will inspect every bit of your roof, tools in tow, and fasten any loose or missing pieces, such as flashings and shingles. These types of actions can significantly prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Other forms of roof maintenance we also take care of include:

  • Tree debris removal
  • Gutter clearing
  • Ridge cap replacement
  • Repairing pipes and vents
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Roof coating
  • Old antennae removal

Insurance Claims

When your roof is damaged, you will need to contact your insurance company and file a claim. Depending on the type of insurance you have, all or some of the damages may be covered. Your insurance company will need a professional roofing company to assess the damage, and we at Tom Byer Roofing Service are the licensed contractors you can trust for such work. We will file claim inspections and inspection reports with your insurance company, and help lift some of the burden from your shoulders. When it comes time to make repairs, we will have all the necessary information to move forward, and provide you with the most professional and efficient service.

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