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Roof Damage Repairs

Whether your roof is damaged by a severe storm, a fire, a natural disaster or has just sprung a leak on a rainy day, emergency roof repair is the best solution. Proper roof repairs can take time, especially if other roofs in your area are damaged. Emergency roofing is also an important part of the cleanup and remediation efforts following a flood or hurricane, since buildings must be cleaned and dried before repairs can begin.

Emergency roofing repairs are best done by a professional roofing company. Damaged structures are dangerous and roofs can be slippery or unsound. DIY roof cover-ups are not as effective as professionally installed cover-ups and roofing companies have access to stronger materials than big box home improvement stores carry. They can even shrink wrap roofs with missing decking, damaged structural supports, and missing walls.

Emergency Roof Cover-Ups

Roof cover-ups are a good solution for damaged roofs which cannot be repaired immediately. The most common roof covering material is blue tarp, which is strong and readily available. Blue tarp comes in a variety of sizes and can be easily secured to most roofs.

After a severe storm or natural disaster, many home and business owners are tempted to tarp the roof themselves. It is important to protect the building but installing a tarp is dangerous and must be done properly to be effective. This is especially true for buildings that have extensive structural damage from downed trees, storm debris, and fires. In an emergency, professional roofers can come and install a cover-up quickly, safely and effectively.

Repairing Wind Damage to Roofs

Most roofing materials are durable and strong but even the best shingles or tiles can’t always withstand severe winds from hurricanes, typhoons, thunderstorms and tornados. Winds that exceed 50 miles per hour have enough force to tear shingles from the roof deck and severe storms and tornados can drop large debris onto roofs, tearing holes in the deck and potentially damaging the roof structure. Heavy winds can also tear down large trees or break off branches which can fall on structures doing extensive damage.

If your home is damaged by heavy winds, downed trees or wind-blown debris, it’s important to call a professional roofing contractor immediately and have the damage inspected. Following a natural disaster or severe storm, construction repairs, debris removal and insurance claims can be delayed so it’s best to temporarily repair the wind damage by using a roof cover-up such as a tarp or plastic sheeting or a professional roof wrap to keep water out and protect the rest of the structure from further damage so a permanent repair can be made.

Roof Fire Damage Repair

Forest and building fires are devastating before and after the fire. Many structures don’t burn down, but the fire and firefighting efforts can severely compromise windows, walls, and roofs. Following a fire, it’s important to have the building inspected for safety and to assess the extent of fire, smoke, soot and water damage so cleaning and repair can be scheduled.

After a fire, it’s critical to temporarily board up or wrap missing windows and walls and damaged roofs. This protects the building from further damage and allows proper cleaning and drying. Once the structure is cleaned and sanitized, the restoration process begins, and repairs such as replacing windows, repairing roofs and floors, and repairing drywall can restore homes and businesses to their pre-fire condition.

Roof Leak Repairs

Roof leaks can be caused by aging roofs, storm damage, and disasters such as fires and downed trees. In many cases, a roof leak is a simple and easy repair and it’s important to fix it as soon as possible to prevent additional damage. Like dental cavities, leaks should be immediately addressed. They do not get better and fixing them does not get cheaper if you wait.

If the leak is caused by severe weather repairing it can take some time since insurance companies and qualified contractors will be swamped. If your roof is leaking and you cannot repair it immediately, it’s better to have a temporary repair done than to wait and risk further damages to the building. Minor leaks can be stopped by tarp covers, plastic sheeting or roof wraps until a permanent repair can be done.

Temporary Roof Repairs

Temporary roof repairs are sometimes necessary to repair damaged roofs. Small leaks in a roof can be temporarily patched to allow time for proper repairs. There are a lot of options for temporary repairs following a severe storm, fire or natural disaster including roof wraps and roof covers.

Temporary repairs not only protect the building and everything inside from further damage, they also allow proper remediation and repair to be done. After a fire or severe storm, the building must be thoroughly dried and cleaned before repairs can begin. A temporary repair allows for proper drying and cleaning so repairs can be completed properly.

Whether your roof has just sprung a leak or was damaged by severe winds, fire or a storm, the first step is an emergency roof repair. Emergency repairs prevent additional damage and allow cleaning and remediation to begin. In an emergency, it’s best to call a professional roofing contractor who can install a temporary repair safely and quickly. There is a wide variety of solutions and they will be able to help you choose the best solution.

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