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Wood Shake Roof Removal Composition Shingle Roof Replacement

This project entailed removing a 35-year-old wood shake roof in Huntington Beach, Ca due to age, damage from termites and fire hazard. We replaced the lumber that was damaged by termites and installed 4×8 solid sheeting and a diamond deck synthetic underlayment.

Installed Composition Tri-Laminate heavy duty shingle along with new pipe flashings, valley metal, and drip edge metal.

Roof Repairs Due to Wind Damage

Roof Replacement Project

The old roof was a 25-year warranty and it was 30 years old at the time of replacement. It was dried out and cracking allowing nails to be exposed. The pipe flashing seals were worn out. The new roof is a Lifetime Warranty asphalt composition shingle. We solved the problem by updating material with new synthetic underlayment, nails instead of staples, new pipe flashings and new ridge capping.

New Presidential Composition Shingle Roof Project

Removed 35 year old wood shake roof in Huntington Beach due to age, termite damage and fire hazard. Replaced termite damaged lumber. Installed 4×8 solid sheeting and 30# underlayment.

Installed Presidential Tri-Laminate heavy duty shingle. New pipe flashings,valley metal and drip edge metal.

New Dimensional Composition Shingle Roof Project

Flat Roof Self Adhere

Flat Roof Coating Systems

Flat Roof Maintenance Repair

Tile Roof Repairs

Shingle Roof Installation

New Roof By Tom Byer Roofing Service

Maintenance Repair/Coating Repair

Wood Rot Leak Repair

Roof Coating

This Huntington Beach home chose a white silicone roof coating. The roof was still in serviceable condition and the roof coating system was applied over the existing roof to extend the life of the roof.

We cleaned the existing roof with power washer before application of coating. Coating consists of multiple layers of sealant.

The white roof coating is reflective and helps cool the attic area which in turn can keep the interior cooler. Very common in residential and commercial applications.

This saved the cost of tearing off and hauling away debris and was considered a repair so city permit was not required

3 year labor warranty and applied APOC silicon system.

Misc By Tom Byer Roofing Service

Tile Valley Repair with Extra Water Proofing

Customer had leak issue in the valley trough areas of the roof. We removed tiles and valley metal from leak areas. We applied new felt paper and heavy capsheet reinforcement to valley areas. Valley metal reinstalled into area. Tiles reinstalled into valleys. Replaced broken tiles during repair. Cause of leak was due to excessive build up of tree debris in valley trough metal.

Tile Roof Leak Issues From Tree Debris

Leak in valley and chimney area of roof. Removed tiles from leak areas to discover extensive tree leaf debris build up. Cleaned tree debris from the area. Applied new felt and extra waterproofing membrane. Reinstalled tiles and recommended to have tree cut back from roof area.

Self Adhere Roll Roofing for Flat Roofs

Customer had leaks in the dead valley of the house and garage. We removed the shingles and old valley membrane. Installed a three layer Certainteed Self Adhere roll roofing product system into the dead valley area. INstalled new shingles along the tie in connection. Resealed pipes and vents on roof for proper maintenance.

Roof Maintenance

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