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When it comes to commercial buildings, safety and security are vital. The public is putting its trust in you, and in return, you must make certain they are always protected when in your place of business. Tom Byer Roofing Service offers the expertise you need to make certain your building is always at its best.

Why Commercial Roofing is So Important

When it comes to the integrity of any building, the roof is where it starts. Having a well-built and well-maintained roof is vital to keeping your building in its best shape. Not to mention that the better your roof is, the safer your building is for everyone inside.

Many areas have laws regulating the building and maintenance of commercial roofs, and your business can lose permission to operate if you fail to follow these laws. This means significant loss of income for you, and it could damage your reputation as well.

Commercial roofing is nothing to take lightly, and we understand the gravity of every installation, repair, and replacement we do for our commercial clients.

New Construction

When building or expanding your commercial space, you want to make certain your roof is perfect. We can install your new roof on time and on budget, offering you the professionalism that we have prided ourselves on for over half a century.

We know that juggling all the contractors needed to finish construction can be difficult, and that is why we will offer you on-site supervisors to make certain that everything is progressing as it should. We hold our team to high standards, so you do not need to worry about managing them. Even when it comes to safety, they ensure that they take every necessary step to protect themselves and those around them.

No matter how simple or complex your project is, we are more than capable of handling it. Our experts can work with any type of roof system, utilizing the latest technologies and equipment, ensuring that you receive the very best result.

Roof Replacement

Not only can we install any type of roof system, we can replace them as well. No matter how well-built your roof is, it will eventually need to be replaced. We can help you find the right options for your building and your budget.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that we are meeting your needs and expectations. As we work, you will enjoy the peace of mind you feel, knowing that our expert planning and installation will be delivering incredible results. With us, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Minimal Disruption: We know that shutting down your operations costs you money, which is why we work around your schedule. We plan our project to minimize disruptions to your business, and eliminate shutdowns whenever possible.
  • Flexibility: We work with all manufacturers and all systems. We are true roof experts and are happy to work with whatever manufacturer or system best works for you.
  • Experience: We have been serving the area since 1952, and that means that we are one of few companies in the area that can say we offer a lifetime of experience.

Roof Repairs

In order to save you time, money, and headache, you should contact us at the first sign of needing a repair. No matter how excellent your roof is—even if it is one we installed ourselves—it will be vulnerable to certain deficiencies that can compromise its quality. Even with our incredible weather, damage of some sort will eventually occur.

Repairing any problems is vital as problems with your roof can quickly become problems with your building’s structure in general. Water damage can occur, which can compromise the integrity of everything within your building. We can diagnose the problem and fix it fast. Below are just some of the issues we can repair for you.

  • Blistering and cracking of the roof’s surface
  • Broken or rusted flashing
  • Leaks in general
  • Leaks around skylights
  • Standing water on the roof
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Damage sustained while installing or servicing rooftop equipment

Planned Maintenance

With us, you don’t have to expect the unexpected. Instead, you can plan for it. We offer you a program of regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure that your roof is always kept in excellent condition. This allows us to spot the need for a repair before you do, at which point it would likely be a much bigger problem and a much costlier repair. Below are just some of the benefits our planned maintenance offers you.

  • No unexpected expenses, as we catch your problems in advance.
  • Lower overall costs: Despite the fact that our program does cost money, by catching issues before they become too big, we are ultimately saving you time and money.
  • Keeping warranties valid by giving your roof the proper attention.
  • A program tailored to meet your unique needs and concerns.

Our maintenance plan is as follows:

  1. Inspect and locate any potential problems.
  2. Clean the roof to remove any debris that could cause premature aging or other damage.
  3. Maintain the roof by resealing, replacing items, and making small repairs as needed.

Disaster Response

Storms and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on your roof. If you have sustained damage, or suspect that you might have, call us. We will come out to your building as soon as possible to assess the issue and determine which solutions would be best.
It is vital that you call us if you so much as suspect damage. Sometimes the problem will not be clear until it is too late. Natural disasters can cause many problems to your roof, including leaks, power failure, equipment damage, and even roof collapse. We can help to restore order amongst the chaos and ensure that an even greater disaster does not occur.

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