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Tom Byer Roofing proudly serves Rossmoor, a small community tucked away in northwest Orange County. Nestled between Los Alamitos and Seal Beach, Rossmoor residents have easy access to the beach and the most populous county in the nation. Whether you own a residential property or commercial property in this lovely area, roof maintenance should be high on your list of property upkeep tasks. Tom Byer is your trusted roofer in Rossmoor, providing high-quality services and materials. We’re able to handle all of your Rossmoor area property’s roofing needs, from small repairs and routine maintenance to complete replacements.

While the weather is typically mild in Rossmoor, the southern California sun along with rainstorms and the salty breeze coming in from the Pacific cause wear and tear on your roof over the years. The rare serious storm or wildfire or other circumstances may cause you to require serious roof repairs. At Tom Byer Roofing, we’re prepared for the worst of it, but can also handle minor repairs, making every effort to choose the least invasive route while still maintaining your roof’s function and aesthetics. Our many years of experience in the roofing industry have prepared us to help you with all of your Rossmoor area roofing needs.

Roofing Types

Many people picture a roof, instantly imagining a pitched rooftop in black shingles. However, there are many types of shingles and roof styles. Shingles in particular are available in a wide range of designs, offering property owners versatility in developing the perfect look. In Southern California and Rossmoor, many homes feature Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial or Southwestern designs. One of the most striking features of these designs is the orange-red clay tiles used on the roof. Today, there are more modern options available for recreating this look such as concrete tiles, which are very durable and produce a similar effect as the clay.

Don’t be limited by these design types if you prefer something different. Asphalt composition shingles and wooden shingles both come in a variety of colors and styles, giving you a great many options to choose from to complete the perfect look. All of the mentioned roofing types are long-lasting and durable, sure to protect your property from the elements for many years.

At Tom Byer’s, we also specialize in commercial roofing. Due to the large spaces these roofs cover, many prefer flat or low-slant roofs. Discuss your needs and style preferences with us so that we can help you select the perfect roofing option.

Our years of experience in the industry have prepared us to handle all roofing types. We perform high-quality installations and repairs for roofs in Rossmoor and the surrounding areas, no matter what type of material is involved. Our skilled teams of roofers are knowledgeable about all roofing types and are constantly learning about the latest trends in the industry.


Rossmoor and all of Southern California are well-known for pleasant weather year round. Yet, your roof is the primary barrier that protects your home from the elements, and the constant assault of sun, rain and wind will eventually damage even the best roofs. The occasional storm can also cause severe damage to roofs due to high winds and extreme rain and even hail.

Roofs typically suffer a variety of damage and disrepair over the course of time such as leaks, sagging, loosened shingles, wood rot and mold and mildew. Even clogged gutters can get out of hand and wreak havoc on an otherwise great roof. Unattended, these problems can quickly grow into larger, structural problems that can lead to roof collapse. The best way to prevent major roof troubles is to take care of small problems as they come up right away. Even if you don’t notice troubles, it’s wise to have a trusted roofer provide routine maintenance to notice any troubles in your Rossmoor area roof before they get out of hand.

At Tom Byer Roofing, we begin each roofing call by carefully inspecting the roof. After our evaluation, we choose the best course of action and consult with you, giving you our professional opinion and an estimate for the costs of the repairs. We try to use the least invasive solution possible that will still give you a functional, working roof. Many times, small leaks can be localized fixes by replacing shingles or applying sealants and other coverings. Replacing ridge caps is also a great option for eliminating leaks for otherwise solid roofs.


Sometimes, we have no choice but to replace the entire roof. If there’s excessive leaking or severe structural damage, roof replacement is often the best option to ensure you have a safe, functional roof on your property. Before arriving at this diagnosis, our teams will evaluate your Rossmoor area property’s roof, carefully inspecting it to discover if a replacement is indeed necessary. After our complete assessment, if we come to the conclusion that a replacement is necessary, we’ll plan the details of the replacement.

First, we’ll discuss your preferences for any changes to be made to your former roof. Perhaps you’d like to change the style or color of the shingles. Then, our skilled and experienced teams will get to work on your roof replacement. Rest assured that we’ll protect your property throughout the process, using temporary roofing as necessary while the roofing replacement is completed.


One of the best ways you can keep your roof in great condition is by providing it with routine maintenance. A long lasting roof requires regular attention so that you can catch small problems before they grow into big ones. Even mundane tasks such as cleaning gutters, removing moss, mildew, dirt and debris are important for maintaining your roof in excellent conditions. Tom Byer Roofing can help you with all of this as well as do a quick inspection of your roof. Allow our trained staff to check your roof for small imperfections that may be the start of leaks. We take special care to check around key areas of the roof, such as around chimneys, ridge caps and any pipes or vents protruding from your roof.

Maintenance tasks are dangerous as they involve climbing up on the roof. Don’t risk your safety, allow the professionals at Tom Byer Roofing to help you with these routines. Our experienced teams have the knowledge, abilities and equipment necessary to perform these tasks safely and effectively.


As a property owner, you’ll probably need a roof inspection on several different occasions. Whether you’re checking out a new property for purchase and want to ensure you’re making a wise investment or your home’s insurance policy requires a roof inspection before accepting to cover you, this routine inspection is a necessary one. A comprehensive, professional roof inspection can give you peace of mind and confidence knowing that your property’s roof is in good shape. What’s more is that it can help you make sound choices, such as whether or not to purchase a property.

Tom Byer Roofing provides comprehensive roof inspections, including an outdoor and indoor inspection. Once our work is finished, we provide you with a full report detailing our findings.

In the Rossmoor area, Tom Byer Roofing is your best choice for a high quality roofing company with excellent customer service. Our teams of skilled roofers are friendly, helpful and reliable. We finish each project on time and within budget. Give us a call to discuss your Rossmoor area roofing project today!

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