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Like the rest of Orange County, the City of Newport Beach benefits from Southern California’s generally welcoming mediterranean climate. However, even this mild weather environment won’t stop you from eventually developing significant problems in your residential or commercial roofing. In fact, for a number of reasons, roof-related issues are essentially inevitable, especially in older buildings that have never had their original roofing materials replaced.

When roofing problems affect your Newport Beach home or business, call the experts at Tom Byer Roofing Service. For more than half a century, we’ve successfully handled repairs, replacements, and other roofing-related issues with our trademark blend of practical experience, technological expertise, affordability, and accommodating customer service. Whether you’re the owner of a single residence, an office building, or a multi-structure complex, we’ll help you keep you keep your valuable property safe from the elements.

Residential Roofing Repair

Most homes in Southern California have roofs that will last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. Some roofing materials (e.g., clay or concrete tiles) will last a couple of decades longer. However, well before a roof reaches the end of its natural lifespan, it can develop damage that calls for a repair. Failure to address even relatively small problems in a timely manner can ultimately cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenditures.

Tom Byer Roofing Service has over six decades of experience making small and large repairs on all sorts of residential roofs, including the flat roofs found on some of the area’s most distinguished home architecture. Whether your residence features asphalt composition shingles, tiles, or other less common materials, we have the expertise needed to restore weathertight conditions. In all cases, we customize our approach to fit the requirements of the job.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Repair

The roofs on commercial and industrial buildings are typically made from tougher materials than the roofs of residential buildings. That’s because they often must endure a higher degree of direct weather exposure for extended periods of time. For the same reason, roofing contractors may also use tougher materials during the construction of apartment complexes. Still, the roof on a commercial building, industrial building or apartment complex can develop some of the same problems as the roof on a residential structure. And, as on residential structures, these problems can lead to unnecessary financial hardship unless you promptly arrange a repair.

The professionals at Tom Byer can successfully repair leaks and other forms of damage in sheet metal, modified bitumen, rubber membranes, and all other materials used in commercial and industrial roof construction. We can also repair damage at apartment complexes and other multi-unit facilities. As with our residential work, we carefully tailor each job to fit the type of roofing material in use, as well as the building layout and the specific form of deterioration present.

Roof Replacement

Roofs sometimes sustain damage that’s too extensive to remedy with a localized repair. Scenarios that can lead to this situation include catastrophic weather events and widespread wear and tear. When a repair won’t get the job done, you’ll have to arrange for some form of roof replacement if you want to keep the interior of your property safe from harm. You may also opt for a replacement for cosmetic reasons, since the uneven appearance of frequently repaired roofing can substantially reduce a building’s aesthetic appeal.

Through consultation with our in-house experts, we can help you decide if roof replacement makes more financial or aesthetic sense than a repair. If you choose replacement, we’ll also determine whether we can install new material over your existing roofing, or must start from a bare surface after removing your existing materials. In either case, we’ll provide you with the most durable, cost-effective options available.

Repairing Roof Leaks

Essentially any roof can spring leaks that leave a building vulnerable to significant structural and interior damage. Holes and other underlying causes are sometimes easy to identify and repair. However, as many commercial and residential property owners know firsthand, the source of the problem can also elude detection for extended periods of time. That’s why only a skilled professional can reliably track down all kinds of leaks and repair them before they lead to bigger issues. At Tom Byer, we rely on extensive experience and the latest technology to ensure the accuracy of all detection and repair work. We do the job right the first time around.

Termite/Wood Damage

Along with the rest of Southern California, residents of Newport Beach must face seasonal risks from at least two types of termites. If a termite infestation occurs in your roofing materials, you must follow up your extermination efforts with a call to a qualified contractor who can accurately assess the extent of the damage. Tom Byer has more than half a century’s worth of experience assessing and repairing termite-damaged roofs. Whether a limited repair or a replacement is the best option, we’ll carry out each step of the process and revitalize the health of your main roofing materials and underlying structure.

Roof Inspections

Comprehensive roof inspections are sometimes required as a precondition for signing or renewing a home insurance policy. These inspections must be carried out to high standards in order to meet insurance company guidelines. At Tom Byer, we perform combined ground- and roof-level inspections that cover every layer of your roofing material and provide a reliable snapshot for all interested parties.



Emergency Repairs

Roofing damage can occur when you least expect it, including on the weekends or in the dead of night. When problems arise, you need to know that you can speedily arrange the help you need to restore your roof’s integrity and minimize your exposure to further damage. That’s why Tom Byer Roofing Service works hard to handle emergency situations promptly and with the same level of care given to repairs and replacements scheduled weeks in advance.

Newport Beach’s Home for Top-Quality Roofing

Located right on the Pacific Ocean, Newport Beach serves as one of Southern California’s premier spots for recreational boating and other water-based activities. In fact, many of the city’s most popular attractions are water- or boating-related, including Newport Harbor, Newport Pier, Balboa Pier and the Newport Beach Boat Show. The economically prosperous city of 87,000 is also well-known for The Wedge, a beloved regional surfing destination.   

Family-owned Tom Byer Roofing Service is situated in Garden Grove, right down the road from Newport Beach. Since 1952, we have provided homeowners, commercial property owners and HOAs (homeowners’ associations) throughout the area with the very best in roofing repair and replacement. We also provide Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County with the region’s most comprehensive selection of additional roofing-related services. Contact us today to make a scheduled or emergency appointment.

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