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In Lakewood, Tom Byer Roofing Service is your verified resource for all things roofing-related. From minor and major repairs to replacements, inspections and 24/7 emergency response, we’re dedicated to providing the very best to the residents and businesses of the Gateway Cities and Orange County. And affordable pricing always help you keep your costs in line.

Residential Roof Repair

Roofing materials in Lakewood-area homes can vary drastically in their expected lifespan. Depending on the specific types of materials in use, the shortest useful life you can expect is roughly 10 years, while the longest can reach 50 years or more. Unfortunately, issues such as improper installation, storm damage and accident-related damage can shorten a roof’s working life by years or even decades. Between normal wear and tear and these other potential problems, the vast majority of homeowners can expect to need repair help at some point in time.

For 60-plus years, Tom Byer Roofing has tackled small and large condition issues in roofs throughout the region. There is no repairable problem we haven’t seen at least a few times down through the decades. In addition, over our long history, we’ve successfully performed work on every variety of roofing material, from asphalt shingles and the region’s beloved tile to 21st century synthetic membranes. No other provider surpasses our broad and deep experience.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair

Commercial and industrial buildings frequently have roofs that are far larger than those installed on residential buildings. In addition, these structures often stand completely exposed to the elements throughout the year. Together, these facts help account for the heavy-duty materials typically used for commercial and industrial roofing projects. However, despite the generally superior quality of the materials in use, repair-worthy failures still occur with some regularity. The same reality applies to the roofing materials installed on apartment complexes, condominiums and townhouses, which may be commercial-grade or similar to residential roofing materials.

Whether you’re responsible for a small or large commercial building, industrial building or residential complex, you can count on Tom Byer’s time-tested roofing expertise. Our staff of specialists has extensive experience working with every kind of roofing material used on these structures. And we back up this deep level of knowhow with a customized approach that focuses on the nuances of each building’s roofing layout. The end result is a truly top-quality repair solution.

Roof Leak Repair

Private residences, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and residential complexes have one unfortunate thing in common: roofs that will develop leaks sooner or later. If you’re lucky, a leak affecting your roof will have an obvious cause. However, much of the time, leaks have fairly complex underlying causes that make the detection process a true challenge. At Tom Byer, we apply the same high standards to the repair of all roof leaks, from the most straightforward to the most elusive. This ability rests on our combined use of traditional detection techniques and advanced techniques based on the latest technology. Together with our extensive repair experience, these techniques help us ensure positive, timely results.

Roof Replacement

If your building has stood for any extended period of time, you may need to start considering the possibility of a roof replacement. As a rule, this step is necessary whenever a repair will no longer suffice to create weathertight conditions. While normal wear and tear plays a large role in determining the typical timeframe for replacement, numerous other issues may also factor into the equation. Skilled roofers can often lay down new materials on top of your existing materials. However, in certain situations, they may need to strip your roof completely before proceeding.

Roof replacement is a specialty at Tom Byer. Our trained professionals can accurately determine when you must consider this option instead of spending money on an ineffective repair. After making this determination and consulting with you, we’ll tailor our repair approach to your specific circumstances and leave you with a lasting, high-quality barrier against the elements.

Termite/Wood Damage

If you own a wood-framed building in Lakewood, you must keep an eye out for swarming termites that usually appear twice a year. In response to the telltale signs of an infestation, a prompt call to an exterminator can save you from major problems. However, only an inspection by a roofing professional can accurately alert you to the presence of termite-related roof damage. Tom Byer serves as your one-stop source for termite damage detection and follow-up repair or replacement. In all cases, we strive to return your roof to working condition with the smallest possible impact on your financial resources.

Roof Inspections

There are several reasons for getting your roof inspected. For instance, you may need an inspection to meet your home insurance company’s policy requirements or to prepare your property for listing on the real estate market. Whatever your motivation, you can turn to Tom Byer for a thorough ground-level and elevated review that covers all aspects of your roof’s current state of health.



Emergency Repairs

No clock can help you predict the need for emergency roof repairs. That’s why Tom Byer Roofing offers comprehensive emergency services that provide you with the help you need at any time of night or day. Our specialists work overtime to restore your vital protection against the elements, no matter the extent of the damage present.

Trusted Roofing Services for the City of Lakewood

The thriving community of Lakewood is a standout example of the suburban Southern California that emerged in post-World War II America. Located in southeastern Los Angeles County at the Orange County border, the city of 81,000-plus residents also holds a historic place as the origin point of the nationwide chain of Denny’s restaurants. In addition, Lakewood helped pioneer the now-common practice of outsourcing city services to third-party providers. Shoppers throughout the region flock to the city for the numerous buying opportunities provided at the massive Lakewood Mall.

Tom Byer Roofing Service is based in Orange County in the City of Garden Grove, just a short drive east from Lakewood. With over three generations of operation, we’ve developed a firm reputation for excellence, affordability and a genuine belief in customer satisfaction. Whether you need help with a residential, commercial or industrial structure, we’re always ready with a deep well of knowledge and a commitment to quality roofing solutions. Call us today to arrange your services.

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