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In La Mirada, Tom Byer Roofing Service is your proven option for roof repair, replacement and inspection. Whether you own your own home or oversee commercial or industrial property, you’ll find the same exemplary expertise and commitment to affordable, high-quality work. We’re never satisfied until your roofing-related issue is successfully resolved.

Residential Roof Repair

The roofing materials on your home have a relatively long, but ultimately limited lifespan. On the low side of expectations, some materials remain effective for just 10 years. On the high side, the most durable roofing options can last for half a century or longer. However, in many cases, severe weather, poor installation, substandard materials and other issues shorten the actual lifespan of roofs by significant amounts of time. Whatever the details of your roof’s history, you can put the need for a repair on your list of potential household expenses.

Tom Byer Roofing has been repairing residential roofs in La Mirada and other nearby communities for more than six decades. Throughout our long years of operation, we’ve encountered virtually every problem imaginable, from fairly minor leaking to catastrophic material failures. We’ve also worked on every type of roofing material, from the traditional (e.g., tile, asphalt shingles) to the ultramodern. No repairable issue is beyond the scope of our ability.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair

Because they’re often large and positioned in exposed locations, commercial and industrial buildings require heavier-duty roofing materials than the average home. In addition to primary materials such as sheet metal and modified bitumen, the roofs on these structures often also feature acrylic, rubber membranes or other secondary weatherproofing measures. Nevertheless, the roofs on commercial and industrial buildings do fail, largely for the same reasons as residential roofs. The same fact holds true for apartment buildings, which sometimes feature roofing materials similar or identical to those found on single-family homes.

Tom Byer has a long history of performing repairs on commercial buildings, industrial buildings and apartment complexes of all sizes. We’re familiar with all of the roofing materials used on these structures, and never fail to follow best practices when completing our work. In addition, we pay special attention to the layout of each roof, since any given building may have unique features that alter the course of the repair process. Along with our extensive training and experience, this customized approach helps ensure the high quality of the end result.

Roof Leak Repair

Regardless of the type of roofing installed on your home, commercial building, industrial building or residential complex, leaks are among the most likely problems you will experience. These leaks sometimes appear in obvious spots and have obvious causes. However, this is certainly not always true, and your roof can also develop a complex leak that defeats simple detection and poses a major repair challenge. At Tom Byer, we call on advanced detection methods and unparalleled training and experience to track roof leaks to their source even when other companies fail to do so. Whatever your building layout or roofing material, we can achieve positive results and keep your costs in line.

Roof Replacement

The potential need for roof replacement is a basic fact of life for any building that has stood for a decade or longer. In most cases, this need stems directly from normal wear and tear of the existing roofing materials. However, a variety of other issues can set the stage for a much earlier replacement, including everything from major storm damage to a poorly done initial installation job. Whenever possible, roofers take a conservative approach and lay down new materials without removing the existing materials. Unfortunately, circumstances may also call for a complete removal of the existing material before the new installation can begin.

Long years of training and experience give the experts at Tom Byer the ability to accurately judge when you must replace your damaged roofing materials rather than repair them. After explaining the reasons for this decision and gaining your consent, we’ll proceed with an appropriate replacement approach. Whether we can overlay your existing materials or must start from scratch, you’ll receive the same exemplary workmanship and attention to detail.

Termite/Wood Damage

In La Mirada and other communities throughout our region, all owners of wood-framed buildings must stay alert to the seasonal threats posed by swarming termites. If you suspect an infestation of these wood-devouring creatures, a reputable exterminator can help you resolve the immediate situation. However, only an experienced roofing contractor can determine the extent of any termite-related damage and carry out a required repair or replacement. For three generations, Tom Byer has served as the region’s trusted source for this crucial work. We feature a custom approach that restores your roof’s integrity at the minimum possible expense.

Emergency Repairs

It’s no surprise that roofing emergencies don’t always occur during standard business hours. When you need help without delay, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our prompt action can help you avoid major complications and return your building to weathertight condition as soon as possible. And no matter when you call, you still get the benefits of our enduring commitment to quality and affordability.

Roof Inspections

If you’re selling your home, an up-to-date roof inspection can go a long way toward inspiring confidence in potential buyers. In addition, you may receive a request to conduct an inspection before you can get approval for a home insurance policy or policy renewal. No matter your reason for reviewing the condition of your roof, we’re standing by with comprehensive inspection services that meet the very highest professional standards.

Trusted Roofing Services for the City of La Mirada

La Mirada forms a vital part of the Gateway Cities region in southeastern Los Angeles County. The city enjoys a low crime rate, and this factor and several others help account for its reputation as one of the most desirable residential communities in all of America. La Mirada’s 50,000-plus inhabitants can take advantage of ample cultural and recreational opportunities, including Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center and the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts. Conveniently located attractions in the area also include the Arroyo Pescadero Trail in Whittier and major amusement parks in Anaheim and neighboring Buena Park.

Family-operated Tom Byer Roofing is located just a few miles south of La Mirada in Garden Grove. Generations of the Byer family have proudly provided the Gateway Cities and Orange County with the very best in roofing repair, replacement, inspection and emergency services. From single-family homes to the largest commercial properties, no building is beyond our experience or expertise. Contact us today for problems large or small.

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