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Tom Byer Roofing proudly serves Irvine and its universities, beautiful parks and bustling commercial areas. In this busy city, you can count on Tom Byer Roofing for all of your quality residential and commercial roofing needs. We set ourselves a step above the rest by providing quality service, skill and materials.  

Tom Byer Roofing provides a full range of roofing services for the Irvine area. The California summers, winter rainstorms and salty Pacific breezes mean that locals require strong roofs that can withstand the elements throughout the year. Whether you require a new roof, repair, replacement, or urgent assistance as a result of a fire or storm, you can count on Tom Byer Roofing to be there for you. With many years of experience in roofing in the Irvine area, Tom Byer Roofing is prepared to assist no matter how large or small your project.

Roofing Types

Roofing options are endless, with a wide variety of shingles and styles to choose from. Choosing a design that is functional and appropriate for the weather and climate in Irvine is easy. Some of the most popular for the area include tile shingles, asphalt composition shingles and wood shingles. Many homeowners in the Irvine area choose gorgeous designs inspired by Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial and Southwestern styles. The obvious choice in roofing to achieve these styles is tile shingles. These gorgeous red, curved tiles create a classic look. They are traditionally made from clay, but you may also choose a more modern concrete tile option. Both options are long-lasting and set the tone for style in your home.

Other quality roofing options we offer include asphalt composition shingles and wooden shingles. These are both options that come in a variety of styles and colors that fit in with almost any home’s architecture and style. Depending on your goals, we can help you select an option that works for you.

Additionally, we offer a full range of commercial roofing options including flat and low-slant roofs, metal roofs and other roofing solutions. Tell us about your business and needs, and we’ll help you design the perfect roof.

Whatever type of roofing you choose for your Irvine area property,  Tom Byer Roofing will provide the highest quality in installation and servicing. Our skilled teams of roofers are experienced in all types of roofing and will provide you with the best roofing services in the area.


The weather in Irvine is usually mild, however, exposure to the elements day after day results in wear and tear to your roof over time. Couple this with the occasional bad storm with wind, and further damage may occur. Damage to roofs show up in many different ways, whether it is structural or superficial. Leaks, sagging, loosened shingles and poor drainage can result in bigger problems later on. Additional common problems that can affect roofs include wood rot, mold and mildew, and clogged gutters. In many of these cases, the problems grow to affect the structure of the roof, meaning the risk for roof collapse increases. For this reason, it’s important to provide regular repairs and maintenance to roofs before they grow into bigger, more serious problems. As you notice issues with your roof coming up, contact a skilled roofer to perform repairs before you get stuck with a more expensive fix.At Tom Byer Roofing, we know that Irvine area property owners work hard to care for their roofs. This is why whenever possible, we try to solve small problems with localized repairs to avoid expensive options like complete replacements. Simple leaks can often be repaired with shingle replacements or the application of sealants and coverings. Replacing ridge caps is also an effective way to solve some leaks. You can count on us to evaluate your roof and plan for appropriate repairs.


Sometimes roofs become so damaged that there is only one remaining option: the roof must be replaced. Structural damage that is beyond repair or generalized leaking often points toward the need for total replacement. To determine the necessary steps, we’ll first perform a full evaluation of your property’s roof and then plan the best way to replace it. Tom Byer Roofing is a company skilled and experienced in replacing roofs. As we work on your residential or business property, we will protect your space with temporary roofing while completing the full roof replacement. Of course, before performing any work, we will discuss your preferences for the style of roof. You will be able to choose the type of tile and color so that it achieves the style you want to achieve for your property.



Keeping a routine maintenance schedule for your roof can make a big difference in how long your roof lasts. Tom Byer Roofing can help you with all of the maintenance tasks your Irvine area roof requires. Some common tasks include cleaning gutters, removing moss, dirt and debris as well as checking for damage. At Tom Byer Roofing, we take extra time to carefully check problem areas such as chimneys, ridge caps and around pipes or vents on your roof. In Irvine, many commercial and residential properties are enhanced by trees, gardens and shrubs that beautify outdoor spaces. However, twigs, leaves and even branches can fall on the roof and must be regularly removed to prevent damage. Don’t put yourself at risk performing these tasks on your own. Allow the professionals at Tom Byer Roofing who are trained perform these dangerous tasks.



Inspections are commonly done in order to purchase home insurance and before buying a home. A thorough inspection can give you peace of mind and the information you need to make a sound decision regarding your home. We are happy to help you with this task and are duly licensed and able to perform roof inspections in the Irvine area. Typically, we begin our comprehensive roof inspections with a complete walk around.  Then, a close-up inspection assessing all key areas of the exterior of the roof is performed and followed by an interior inspection. In the interior inspection we check for water damage or signs of  termite presence. Once we’re finished, we’ll provide you with a full report and any recommendations.

For all of your commercial and residential roofing needs in Irvine and the surrounding areas, contact a company known for its expertise and customer service such as Tom Byer Roofing. Our teams are not only skilled, experienced and able to provide high quality results, but they are also committed to working responsibly and carefully. Orange County is our home. As a local, family run business, we know the area and dedicate ourselves to serving the community with the highest standards in roofing, because that’s what our neighbors deserve. Contact our friendly staff to discuss your roofing project today!  We’ll be happy to provide you with a free evaluation and estimate of your project, no strings attached.

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