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Roofing problems are a universal experience for homeowners, business owners and the managers of industrial and commercial property. When such problems occur in the City of Garden Grove, call on the expert services of Tom Byer Roofing. Every day, we combine extensive experience with budget-friendly repair and replacement options and an enduring commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Residential Roof Repairs

In Garden Grove and other local communities, you’ll find residential roofs made from a broad range of materials. At the low end of durability, available materials will last for just about a decade. At the high end of durability, they’ll last for as long as 50 years or more. However, eventually all residential roofs will fail. In many cases, the main factor leading to failure is simply the normal wear and tear that comes with the passing of time. In addition, certain factors — including poor installation and major storm events — may shave years or even decades off a roof’s expected lifespan.

At Tom Byer Roofing, we’re familiar with the wide array of problems that can affect the health of all kinds of residential roofing materials, from asphalt composition shingles to modified bitumen membranes. Regardless of the particular problems affecting your roof, we call on decades of experience to provide you with a reliable, cost-effective repair option. Our meticulous work is fundamental to the long-term durability of your newly patched materials.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Repairs

Industrial and commercial buildings are commonly constructed in open areas that provide no real protection from the elements. Among other things, this means that the roofing materials on these structures inevitably take a pounding. The same basic factors also affect the roofs of multi-family dwellings such as townhouse complexes and apartment complexes. Roofers attempt to offset these factors with heavy-duty original materials, but nothing can provide reliable protection from the eventual development of leaks and other forms of significant damage. And when these problems occur, it takes an experienced contractor to accurately assess the situation and make appropriate repair choices.

Over the decades, Tom Byer has restored the health of every conceivable type of commercial, industrial and multi-residential roof in Garden Grove and across greater Orange County. On every job, we draw upon this great wealth of experience to assess the materials on your particular structure and devise a repair solution that takes both those materials and the roof configuration into account. This situation-specific approach is the only way to ensure that your building remains safe from the elements in the years to come.

Roof Leak Repairs

The vast majority of roof repairs are made to address some sort of leaking. In some cases, you can trace an obvious connection between the interior leak point and the problem in the roofing materials. However, in a surprisingly large number of cases, the interior and exterior leak points don’t match up well at all. It takes both training and practical experience to track down the source of complex leaking and avoid pointless expenditures that don’t address the problem. When you choose Tom Byer Roofing, you never have to worry about such costly scenarios. That’s because we rely on technologically advanced tracking methods to accurately find and solve leaks in all kinds of roofing materials.

Roof Replacements

If you stay in a single building long enough, you will inevitably reach a point where routine maintenance and spot repairs will no longer keep your roofing materials in satisfactory condition. And long before that time, your roof may experience catastrophic damage or some other problem that shortens its normal lifespan. In these situations, your only real option is to take the plunge and schedule a roof replacement. Many times, your roofing contractor can limit the time and expense of the replacement process by installing new materials directly on top of the damaged materials. However, the extent of damage present and/or the type of roof installed may make full replacement the only viable choice.

At Tom Byer, we’re extremely conscientious about roof replacement. When we think that a repair just won’t meet your needs, we’ll explain our rationale in detail so you understand our recommendation. After receiving your approval, we’ll choose the most budget-friendly replacement plan possible and make sure that our work meets the high standards you expect from your trusted professional contractor.

Termite/Wood Damage

Living in Southern California means living with termites. Every year, you can expect to see at least two seasonal swarms of these wood-loving insects. This means that you should check your roofing materials regularly for signs of infestation and termite-related damage. Only a professional exterminator can halt a current infestation and stop damage from progressing. After your exterminator gets things under control, your next call should be to an experienced roofing contractor. Tom Byer provides comprehensive solutions for the restoration of termite-weakened roofs. Whether you’re facing limited problems or structure-wide issues, we’ll devise an appropriate repair that fully restores weathertight function.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are typically performed for one of two reasons: to meet the conditions that insurance companies set for new or renewed coverage plans or to provide background information for potential buyers of used homes. In both sets of circumstances, only an assessment made by a professional roofing contractor will satisfy the interested parties. We help you meet your obligations with highly detailed inspections that accurately assess your roof’s condition from the ground and from an elevated perspective.


Roofing Emergencies

When water is pouring through your damaged roof, you may understandably feel tempted to go online and choose the very first roofing contractor you see as your choice for a repair. However, this spur-of-the-moment decision may or may not lead you to a truly qualified provider. At Tom Byer, we combine the very best in roofing knowhow with rapid emergency response times. When you call on us, you never have to choose between quality work and speed of service.

Garden Grove’s Source for Roofing Excellence

Garden Grove is an Orange County community of more than 170,000 located just west of Orange and county seat Santa Ana. While still part of the city proper, the area known as West Garden Grove forms its own distinct district bordering Los Alamitos. To the north lies Anaheim and the major tourist draws Knott’s Berry Farm, Adventure City, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Local residents and visitors can also quickly access the famous beaches and surf spots of Huntington Beach to the south. In addition, monthly tours provide access to the massive Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge.

Tom Byer Roofing is proud to call Garden Grove home. For almost six decades, we’ve provided our friends, neighbors and all of Orange County with reliable roofing services that combine quality and affordability. Call us today and see why area homeowners and business owners turn to their hometown experts.

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