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Orange County is a beautiful community to call home. Much like its neighbor, Los Angeles County, Orange County is densely populated. And that translates into a large amount of roofs.

You might not think about that often, but should something go wrong with the roof on your home or business, it can be a huge problem. Luckily for Fullerton residents and business owners, Tom Byer Roofing Services is here for you. Our office is centrally located in Garden Grove, so we can easily reach Fullerton homes and businesses in a hurry. No matter what roofing service you need, our expert roofing technicians will get the job done right and within your budget. To receive a free estimate for your roofing job, simply give us a call.

Residential Roofing Repairs

In many areas of the country, the types of roofing materials you can use are restricted by the climate. But that isn’t the case here in sunny Southern California. Because we know we can encounter just about anything, our technicians are trained to work with any possible residential roofing material, including asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, slate shingles, wood shingles, plastic polymer shingles, and metal singles and sheets. Something else that you don’t see just anywhere are homes with flat roofs. We know how to care for these roofs, covering them with special materials such as tar and gravel, modified bitumen, and rubber membranes.

Residential roofs are built to last, but not last forever. The exact life expectancy will vary based on the type of material used. Most roofs will last somewhere between 20 and 50 years, but there are those that will last even longer. However, there is always the chance that damage will occur, shortening the lifespan on the roof. Common reasons roofs sustain damage in Fullerton are extreme weather, falling tree limbs, poor maintenance, and poor installation. No matter the extent of the damage sustained, we can offer a solution that will restore function and safety to your home.

Commercial and Industrial Repairs

Commercial and industrial roofs have different needs than residential roofs. The materials are mostly different—using sheet metal, modified bitumen, and coatings made from silicone, acrylic, foam, and rubber. And unlike residential roofs, function is more important than looks.

Despite their differences, these roofs are susceptible to the same problems as residential roofs are. They age and break down, extreme weather can damage them, and lack of maintenance can become very problematic. We can offer you regular service to keep them going as well as the repairs and replacements you need. Our team works with office buildings, shopping malls, school, apartments, and more.

Roof Replacement

When we can, we avoid recommending roof replacement. The process is messy, expensive, and requires you to not use the building until it is complete. With that said, there are cases where roof replacement is the best option. This is usually true when the underlying structure is too damaged to trust, and replacement is needed to ensure the safety of those inside the building.

In some cases, we can keep parts of the original roof, which will reduce the costs. But our goal will always be to leave you with a safe and functional roof, so if complete replacement is needed, we will recommend it. Regardless, we will still work hard to keep everything within your budget without sacrificing quality or safety.

Roof Leak Repair

In the world of roofing, a leaky roof is easily the most common problem we deal with. All types of roofs are prone to leaks, which means that most will experience at least one. If you notice signs of a leak, do not call a general contractor; stick with the roofing experts. Roof leaks are tricky, as the interior signs of the leak rarely match up with where the exterior problem is. The team at Tom Byer Roofing is excellent at tracking down the source of leaks and remedying the problem, not just hiding the signs that it exists.

Termite Wood Damage

In Fullerton, and Southern California at large, termites pose a big problem. While they are annoying even under the best of circumstances, they become dangerous when they get in the roof. By eating away at the wood, they compromise the integrity of the structure and put everyone inside the building at risk. As such, repairing this damage is not something you should trust to just anyone.

The experts at Tom Byer Roofing have been repairing termite damaged roofing structures for 60 years, learning how to determine the extent of damage, even when you cannot see it. Even if you think your termite problem is small, it is vital that you have us come out and assess the damage.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are often a perquisite for getting insurance coverage for homes and businesses. The company wants to make sure they are not insuring an already damaged property, and since roofs can be a big expense, they place extra focus on this. Our team completes detailed inspections that address all the concerns insurance companies have. Should we find a problem, we will speak with you about options for correcting it so that it does not cause a problem with your insurance provider.



Emergency Repairs

When you have a small roofing problem, waiting a few hours, or even a few days isn’t a big deal. But when there is a major issue that compromises the safety of your family or the structure, then you need help fast. Tom Byer Roofing offers emergency service at all hours of the day and night, ensuring that you are never left in an emergency situation without help.

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Tom Byer Roofing Service has made a name for itself as the roofing service Fullerton trusts. We have been serving the city and the surrounding areas for over 60 years, and we are very proud of all that we have done for the community. Our first-rate service, knowledge of the area, and decades of experience mean that when you choose us, you get the very best. For repairs, inspection, replacement, and more, call us today.

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