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Just as in other locations, roofing problems are a familiar issue for residents, business owners and property managers in the City of Cypress. When your roofing materials no longer provide reliable protection from the elements, you can turn to the local professionals at Tom Byer Roofing. No matter the extent of the problem, we’re the shortest path to affordable, expert repairs and replacements that bring your roof back to functional life.

Residential Roof Repairs

Look around neighborhoods in Southern California and you’ll see roofs made from a wide range of traditional and modern materials. Each of these materials has its own distinct characteristics, including unique durability and longevity profiles. Terracotta tile, a regional favorite, will remain functional for half a century or even longer. However, some low-budget asphalt composition shingles can reach the end of their usefulness in just 10 years. Normal wear and tear is a prominent factor in the roof failure equation. Other factors that can lead to significant issues and a shortened roof lifespan include substandard materials, improper installation of even quality materials, weather events and direct physical disruption.

With deep roots in Orange County, Tom Byer Roofing has a working familiarity with every kind of material used to form the roofs of residential structures. In addition, we understand the specific types of problems likely to occur in each of these roofing products. This wealth of knowledge makes it possible for us to create lasting, customized repair solutions that restore the condition of your residential roof without putting a strain on your budget.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Repairs

All roofs take a beating from the elements. However, commercial roofs, industrial roofs and the roofs of multi-family dwellings typically sustain an even higher level of exposure than residential roofs. This means that roofing contractors must use heavier-duty materials on these structures. Nevertheless, even top-grade materials are susceptible to eventual failure, just like those installed on single-family homes. Since the roofs on commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings come in a broad array of shapes, sizes and configurations, it takes a consummate level of expertise to perform each repair job to the highest possible professional standard.

Through more than 60 years of continuous operation, the professionals at Tom Byer have accumulated unequalled knowledge of the types of roofs found on Orange County’s commercial structures, industrial structures, apartment complexes and townhouses. Whether your building was constructed recently or decades in the past, we know what it takes to develop a site-specific repair plan that meets your unique needs. This custom approach saves you time and money while drastically improving the quality of the end result.

Roof Leak Repairs

Leaks are virtually a given in roofs that don’t receive proper maintenance, experience some form of damage or reach the end of their working lives. In the best possible circumstances, you can make a direct connection between the interior point of leaking and the exterior roof issue. However, you may also find yourself faced with complex leaks that don’t allow you to come to such a straightforward conclusion. Tom Byer Roofing is your all-around leak repair specialist. Our advanced detection technology gives us the ability to track down even the most elusive problems and provide you with a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Roof Replacements

Whether it takes 10 years or half a century, the roofing materials on residential and commercial structures will reach the end of their usefulness. What’s more, a number of factors can bring your roof to the point of failure long before wear and tear takes its inevitable toll. When spot repairs no longer make sense from a physical or financial standpoint, you must consider spending the money for a roof replacement. Depending on the extent of the damage, the layout of your roof and the roofing materials in use, you have two potential options: a full replacement that includes removal of the existing materials and a replacement performed on top of these materials.

At Tom Byer, we rely on long years of experience to determine exactly when and where replacement will provide you with a better option than recurring repairs. After consulting with you, we’ll develop a replacement plan that’s specific to your structure and provides the best combination of quality and value. As always, we emphasize solutions that truly restore weathertight function to your building.

Termite/Wood Damage

If you live in Southern California, you’re probably familiar with the seasonal threats of termite swarms and infestations. Unfortunately, the materials used to construct and support many types of roofs provide perfect breeding grounds for these wood-loving creatures. Of course, your first response to a termite infestation should be a call to a qualified exterminator. As soon as possible, you should also contact a roofing professional. Tom Byer specializes in the assessment of roofing-related termite damage, as well as the restoration work needed to repair this damage. We’ll help you recover from large and small infestations as quickly as possible.

Roof Inspections

Insurance companies frequently request roof inspections as a prerequisite for new home policies and the renewal of existing policies. In addition, many home sellers get an inspection done to address the concerns of prospective buyers. Whatever your motivation for seeking a rook assessment, turn to Tom Byer Roofing. We verify the current condition of your roof with a detailed inspection performed from all critical angles and elevations.

Roofing Emergencies

Nothing can make you feel quite as desperate as a roofing emergency that leaves your valuable property vulnerable to serious damage. However, desperate times don’t necessarily call for desperate measures. Rather than picking the first contractor who answers the phone, contact us right away for emergency repairs that meet the same standards for excellence and reliability you would expect under any other circumstances.

Cypress’ Source for Roofing Excellence

Situated just east of the Los Angeles County community of Long Beach, the City of Cypress is one of Orange County’s westernmost municipalities. Past names for this thriving residential and commercial district — Waterville and Dairy City — reflect its abundance of artesian wells and historic links to the California dairy industry. Today, Cypress provides a home for the Los Alamitos Race Course, as well as corporate entities such as clothing/shoe titan Vans and Mitsubishi Motors North America. The city also lies within easy reach of two of the nation’s most well-known tourist destinations: Disneyland Park and Knott’s Berry Farm.

Family-owned and operated Tom Byer Roofing is located just southeast of Cypress in the City of Garden Grove. We’re happy to serve as your trusted local source for all roofing-related services. Whether you’re planning a residential, commercial or industrial project, we’ll support your needs with more than six decades of experience, premium customer service and prices that never fail to yield value for your investment. Call today to speak with your Orange County roofing experts.

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