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Weathertight roofing is key to the functional use of all kinds of buildings, including private homes, commercial properties, industrial facilities and apartment complexes. If your roof can’t successfully keep out the elements, you expose your interior items and structural systems to risks of serious damage. In severe situations, roofing issues can even render a home or any other type of building uninhabitable and drastically reduce your property value. Fortunately, you can avoid such major catastrophes by establishing a proper maintenance routine, performing timely repairs and replacing your roof when it reaches the end of its useful life.

In Costa Mesa, the place to go for all of your roofing needs is Tom Byer Roofing Service. Since the early 1950’s, we’ve offered the city’s most reliable blend of time-tested expertise, reasonable pricing and prompt, courteous customer service. Whether you’re a homeowner or the responsible party at a housing complex or commercial or industrial property, we can help you deal successfully with everything from maintenance and emergency repairs to termite damage and roofing inspections. In all kinds of weather, family-owned Tom Byer comes through.

Repairing Residential Roofing

Depending on the type and quality of the materials used during construction, you can count on the roof of your home to last for roughly 10 to 50 years. Damage from any one of a number of sources (e.g., severe weather) can significantly reduce this expected lifespan, especially if you fail to carry out routine maintenance or have a roof made from substandard or poorly installed materials. Practically speaking, all of this means that most homeowners will need to face the prospect of a roofing repair sooner or later.

Tom Byer Roofing has successfully repaired residential roofs for more than 60 years. Over our long history of continuous operation, we’ve gained deep experience working with all common roofing materials, from the most traditional to the most modern. This means that, no matter what type of roof you have installed on your home, we can easily tailor our repair techniques to match your specific needs.

Repairing Commercial and Industrial Roofing

Commercial and industrial buildings often have roofs made from highly durable materials such as modified bitumen, metal panels, or sheet metal. In addition, they may also feature an additional layer of weatherproofing in the form of rubber membranes, acrylic, or silicone. However, despite this emphasis on heavy-duty protection, the roofs of commercial and industrial properties can develop the same types of problems that affect residential buildings. Apartment complexes frequently have roofs made from the same types of materials used in the construction of residential roofs. This means that they, too, will eventually fail even in the best of circumstances.
Tom Byer’s repair expertise extends to all types of commercial and industrial roofing, as well as the roofs of apartment complexes and other large structures. A large percentage of buildings in this category have unique layouts, and we account for this fact by developing a custom plan before we begin each project. This focused approach gives us the ability to restore the functional integrity of virtually any roof.

Roof Replacement

Sooner or later, all buildings must have their roofs replaced. In many cases, the reason for replacement is the unavoidable aging of the materials used during construction. You may also require replacement work at a much earlier date if your roof sustains enough damage to make a localized repair unworkable. Some reroofing jobs can be done directly on top of the damaged materials already in place. However, some projects require a roofer to remove all damaged materials and start over from scratch.
A thorough assessment from Tom Byer can help you decide whether or not the time for roof replacement has arrived. If repair is not a viable option, we’ll work with you to determine the most practical, affordable method of replacing your current materials. After gaining your approval, we’ll install top-quality new materials that restore your roof to weathertight condition.

Roof Leak Repair

Leaks are a relatively common problem in all types of roofs. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re always easy to pinpoint or repair. In fact, unless you work with a skilled roofing contractor, an elusive leak can continue to plague you even after multiple repair attempts. Through long decades of experience, the experts at Tom Byer have developed highly reliable methods of detecting and repairing even the most stubborn and hard-to-trace roof leaks. In all cases, we customize our approach to your specific roofing materials.

Termite/Wood Damage

Termites are a genuine roofing concern in Costa Mesa and other parts of Orange County. Once your roof sustains damage from these wood-eating insects, only an experienced contractor can properly assess the damage. In addition, only an experienced, reputable contractor can accurately determine whether repair or replacement is the appropriate remedy for this damage. At Tom Byer, we’ve been helping local residents deal with the aftermath of termite damage for 60-plus years. Regardless of the extent of the problem, we’ll devise a workable plan for restoring your roof’s stability.

Roof Inspections

In certain situations, your home insurance company may ask you to get a roof inspection as a condition of renewing your policy or receiving an initial policy. The outcome of this inspection can have a direct impact on your short- and long-term coverage. Among our many services, we provide comprehensive roof assessments that address every area of interest to your current or prospective policy issuer.


 Emergency Repairs

Serious roof damage often occurs at night, on the weekend or during other periods of time that fall outside of normal business hours. If there’s any sizable delay in receiving help in an emergency, the overall level of property destruction you experience can escalate dramatically. At Tom Byer Roofing Service, we help you get the situation under control as soon as possible by prioritizing our response to emergency situations.

Costa Mesa’s Home for Top-Quality Roofing

Costa Mesa is Orange County’s “City of the Arts.” Originally settled in the 1800’s, the city of 112,000-plus was not officially incorporated until the early 1950s. Costa Mesa serves as the home of the annual Orange County Fair. Additional well-known regional attractions include the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, the Pacific Amphitheatre and the South Coast Repertory theater company.

Family-owned Tom Byer Roofing Service is headquartered just a few minutes away from Costa Mesa in Garden Grove. We opened for business a year before Costa Mesa was first incorporated, and generations of the city’s inhabitants have had their residential, commercial, and industrial roofs installed, repaired and replaced by our staff of highly trained professionals. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, you can always count on us for the region’s very best in top-quality roofing at a price you can afford.

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