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In the City of Cerritos, Tom Byer Roofing is the expert source for residential and commercial roofing issues. No other provider in the region can outdo our long decades of experience and deep understanding of Southern California’s climate-related concerns. Day or night, you can count on us for the services needed to keep your building safe from weather damage, termites and other common and uncommon problems

Residential Repairs

Homeowners in Cerritos and other area locations choose a wide variety of roofing materials to provide year-round weather protection. Along with this abundance of possibilities comes a range of expected material lifespans. Depending on the options you install, you can typically count on solid roofing performance for as little as 10 years or as long as 50-plus years. However, factors such as accidents, shoddy workmanship and severe storms can seriously shrink your window of reliability. And whether the underlying issue is normal wear and tear or special circumstances, significant problems with your roof call for professional assistance.

At Tom Byer Roofing, we have an encyclopedic understanding of the repair-worthy issues in roofing materials used on Southern California residences. Whether problems occur in tile, asphalt composition shingles or modern synthetic membranes, we know what’s required to accurately assess the damage and provide a rapid, lasting solution. We stake our reputation on detailed workmanship combined with reasonable cost.

Commercial and Industrial Repairs

Throughout the year, constant exposure to fluctuating weather can take a heavy toll on the roofs installed on commercial buildings and industrial buildings. This same lack of cover from the elements can have a negative impact on the reliability of roofs installed on apartment buildings and other large complexes. To a certain extent, roofers can combat this issue by relying on highly durable materials during the construction process. However, the failure rate of commercial and industrial roofs is still relatively high. And when failures occur, only experienced service providers have the background required to fashion appropriate remedies.

The experts at Tom Byer have been repairing the roofs of industrial, commercial and multi-residential structures for a full six decades. Our knowledge and experience cover everything from traditional materials made popular in previous generations to modern alternatives developed in the 21st century. On every job, we pay careful attention to the specifics of the roof configuration, since they can have a major impact on the challenges of successful repair. This customized approach steers you clear of mistakes that can lead to unnecessary problems in the future.

Roof Leaks

Leak-related issues are the main reason for calling a service provider for a roof repair. In some situations, you may see an obvious connection between wet spots in your building interior and defects in your roofing materials. However, much of the time, interior leaks show up far from their outside source. When this happens, only a trained professional has the practical skills needed to piece together the available information and perform a repair in the proper location. Tom Byer takes the worry out of all leak repair scenarios by relying on modern tracking technology that focuses on the true area of damage quickly and efficiently.

Roof Replacements

When your roofing materials reach the end of the 10- to 50-year window of reliability, you must put a roof replacement on your personal or business agenda. And if your building is impacted by severe weather or other serious issues, you may need to make plans even sooner. In some cases, you may get the opportunity to reduce your replacement costs by having your provider install new materials without first removing the worn-out or damaged materials. However, for a variety of reasons, complete removal of all existing materials may need to occur first.

At Tom Byer, we rightly consider a replacement to be a last option for solving your roofing-related problems. In line with this approach, we will only recommend this work when repairs are no longer possible or don’t make sound economic sense. When a replacement is needed, we will obtain your approval prior to starting our work. We’ll also help you choose materials that restore the integrity of your roof at a reasonable cost

Termite Damage

Twice a year, termites swarm in Southern California and seek out their favorite source for food and housing: wood. This means that every owner of a wood-framed building located in the region should make periodic checks for infestations and related damage. Extermination is a requirement to eradicate termite colonies that have taken up residence in your roofing lumber. Upon completion of this step, you should seek out a qualified contractor to assess the situation and provide any required repairs. Whether you’re dealing with limited termite damage or large-scale concerns, Tom Byer will expertly assess your needs and restore your roofing materials and supporting roof structure to like-new condition.

Roof Inspections

Most roof inspections are scheduled to meet one of two goals: satisfying the terms set forth by a home insurance company or providing background detail on the condition of a building up for sale. In both of these scenarios, only a professionally conducted assessment will deliver the required level of trustworthiness and accuracy. Our comprehensive roof inspections are carried out at ground level and a close-up, elevated point of view. When complete, they leave no doubt about your roof’s actual condition.



Some people lower their standards in emergency situations, which is one reason why you’ll see service companies work so hard to get their names placed first in directories and other resources. Instead of relying on the first name you happen to see, just make a call to Tom Byer Roofing. Around the clock, we combine a rapid response to roofing emergencies with an unbeatable track record for cost-effective quality.

Cerritos’ Source for Roofing Excellence

Cerritos, the community of “Little Hills,” is situated in the Los Angeles County region known as the Gateway Cities. In the past, the municipality’s role in the booming California dairy industry earned it another name: Dairy Valley. In modern times, the city of approximately 50,000 residents plays an important part in the area’s recreational and cultural life. Beloved attractions include the Cerritos Sculpture Garden, Pat Nixon Park and the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. A journey of just a few miles brings local residents to Knott’s Berry Farm and other prominent entertainment fixtures in neighboring Orange County.

Tom Byer Roofing is headquartered just a short distance southeast of Cerritos in Garden Grove. For generations, residents and businesses in Los Angeles County and Orange County have relied on us for roofing excellence and budget-friendly pricing. When quality is a must, you can turn to us. Call today for more information on our extensive offering of services.

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