A roof replacement can be exciting. You get a new start on your roof, which will not only improve your protection but gives you the opportunity to choose a new color. So, what color should you choose? Should you go with the same color as before, pick a bold new color, or a different choice entirely? Many considerations can help you in your decision-making process:


Your roof can play a significant role in helping you heat or cool your home. As you can imagine, black shingles absorb heat, which can be good if you live in a colder region. They are also helpful in the event of snowfall, as this color tends to encourage the snow to melt. If you live in a warmer area, however, you may want to consider a light-colored roof. With a light-colored roof, your home will reflect the sun’s rays, helping you reduce your cooling costs. There are many attractive lighter roofing options including metal and shingle roofs. More neutral roof colors include browns and grays.

Color Coordination

Aesthetics are of course an important consideration when choosing a replacement roof color. Consider the colors that are already present on your home as you decide. Some areas you may want to consider include your siding, brick elements such as the chimney, shutters, and windows. To make the match, you can create a color pallet with the existing colors in your home and see what roof color seems to coordinate best.

You’ll also want to consider patterned roofs, or avoiding them based on your home’s other features. For example, if you have multi-colored bricks in your home, you may want to opt for a single roof color. This will help the house appear more balanced and ensure it’s not too “busy.” However, if your home features a solid pallet of colors that would be well-complimented by a patterned or bolder roof, then go for it!


Keep in mind that darker roofs make the home appear smaller while lighter colored roofs typically make the house seem more substantial. In addition, specific architectural styles go well with certain kinds of roofs. For example, a stucco home will look great with a tile roof. This roof style is also known for its ability to keep the house at a milder temperature.

Other Considerations

If you’re part of a homeowner’s association, there may be rules regarding roofing colors and styles. You don’t want to get into trouble with the neighbors over roof color, which isn’t something you’ll want to change again soon.

Also, don’t merely go by what you see online as far as roofing colors. While the shingle or roofing color selections you see online will give you a good idea as far as what to expect, it’s best if you can look at the colors in person. Ask your roofer if it’s possible to see shingle or roofing samples before making your final decision.

Picking a replacement roof color is an exciting, fun decision to make. You get to change the look of your home! So, take your time when choosing to make sure you’re delighted with your choice. There are even online tools that can help you imagine what your home will look like with different colored roofs. Make use of these tools and the advice of professionals as you make your decision.

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