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No matter where you live, you can’t escape the demands of routine and emergency roofing issues. When facing these issues, the residents of San Clemente call on the professional roofers at Tom Byer Roofing Service. That’s because we provide Orange County with the most reliable combination of time-tested expertise, wide-ranging services, quality materials and affordability. Whether you’re a homeowner or the owner/manager of a commercial or industrial enterprise, you’ll find that we have what it takes to address your roofing needs quickly and efficiently.

Residential Roofing Repair

Like many heavily populated areas across America, Orange County features a mixture of older and newer homes covered in a wide assortment of roofing materials. In addition to the asphalt composition shingles, wood shingles, slate and steel panels found throughout the country, traditional tile roofs are particularly popular in the area. While some materials will usually last longer than others, even the most durable roofs while eventually fail. Common sources of failure include age-related wear and tear, severe weather events and poor-quality initial installation.When your roof fails for any reason, your only option is a rapid repair that restores its integrity before further damage can occur. The experts at Tom Byer have more than six decades of experience repairing residential roofs in San Clemente and other locations throughout Orange County. Our team of highly trained professionals can work successfully with any type of roofing material, from the most traditional to the ultra-modern. In all cases, we tailor our approach to match the specifics of your current situation.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Repair

Since they cover large expanses and must hold up repeatedly to changing weather conditions, commercial and industrial roofs are frequently covered with higher-grade materials than residential roofs. For the same two reasons, apartment complexes are also often equipped with tougher-than-average roofing materials. However, the use of top-grade materials can’t prevent eventual roof failure and the need for a roofing repair. And, as with residential structures, any delay in scheduling a repair can lead to a serious worsening of a commercial or industrial roof’s condition.Tom Byer specializes in the prompt and lasting repair of commercial roofs, industrial roofs and apartment complex roofs. Whether your property is equipped with a roof made from sheet metal, a tar-topped rubber membrane, a modified bitumen system or asphalt composition shingles, we rely on 60-plus years of expertise to develop and carry out an appropriate repair plan. Each job is unique, and we never fail to adjust our approach to fit your needs and requirements.

Roof Replacement

Whenever possible, you should remedy roof damage with repair work performed by a trusted roofing professional. However, advanced damage may limit the usefulness of an isolated repair and set the stage for a roof replacement. In addition to the natural consequences of long-term weather exposure, potential sources for replacement-worthy problems include the use of inferior-grade materials during installation or prior repair, use of improper installation or repair techniques, and major storms or other episodes of severe weather.With a detailed inspection of your roof, our on-staff specialists can identify issues that make a roof replacement a superior long-term alternative to a repair. We can also determine whether it makes more sense to strip your roof all the way down to the underlying structure or simply lay down new material on top of your existing roof. After consulting you about the most suitable option, we’ll perform all replacement work with our customary combination of affordability and quality materials.

Repairing Roof Leaks

Statistically speaking, a leak is more likely to occur than any other form of roof damage. While some leak sources are easy to identify, others resist easy detection and continue to cause problems even after multiple repair attempts. In order to avoid this unfortunate repeat scenario — and the harmful effects it can have on your household or business budget — you must call on the services of professionals with a proven track record in successful leak resolution. At Tom Byer, our highly trained experts use deep experience and sophisticated technology to track leaks to their source and resolve even the most complex, recurring problems.

 Termite/Wood Damage

Residents of San Clemente and other Orange County communities face seasonal threats from termites at least twice a year. If your roofing material sustains an infestation of these wood-devouring insects, your first call should be to an exterminator. However, after the exterminator finishes up, you should place your next call to a roofing specialist who knows how to assess the extent of the damage and determine whether you’ll need a spot repair or more comprehensive replacement work. With 50-plus years of experience in this field, we can walk you through each phase of the process and carry out just the right type of repair or replacement work for your needs.

Roof Inspections

If you’re seeking to renew homeowners’ insurance or receive a first-time policy, your provider may make a roof inspection a prerequisite for any approval. Because of the financial stakes involved, only a roofing professional can carry out a sufficiently detailed examination. At Tom Byer, we offer comprehensive inspection services that combine a ground-level and roof-level analysis to create a true record of the condition of your roofing materials.

Emergency Repairs

When a roofing emergency occurs, you may feel tempted to turn to the first contractor you can find and hope for the best. However, in reality, there’s no need to lower your expectations for quality work, even when you must act quickly. When you contact Tom Byer, you can rest assured that your emergency issue will receive the same expert attention we provide for the remedy of everyday roofing problems.


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Known as the “Spanish Village by the Sea,” San Clemente is situated on the coastline at  the southeast edge of Orange County. The city of roughly 65,000 is famous for its predominating Spanish Colonial architecture, as well as its striking combination of ocean and mountain vistas. San Clemente also has a well-deserved reputation as one of Southern California’s most enduring surfing hubs, and the city serves as the home of several famous surfing publications (including Longboard Magazine and Surfing Magazine).

Tom Byer Roofing serves the City of San Clemente and all other Orange County locales from our home base in Garden Grove. Since the early 1950s, our family-owned operation has provided the region’s most trusted and cost-effective source of roofing repair and replacement expertise. And we complement this expertise with the very best in customer service and San Clemente’s most comprehensive slate of supplementary roofing-related services. Whether you’re a homeowner or the owner or manager of a commercial or industrial property, call us today to arrange an appointment, request an emergency response or gather more information.

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