Flat roofs offer a unique look, as well as an important function when used on commercial buildings. However, they also pose certain challenges. Because of this, flat roofs on homes and businesses require more attention than other types of roofs.

The biggest step to take to protect your roof is to have it regularly inspected. It is a good idea to have it inspected twice a year as well as quick checks after any major storm. This will allow you to stay on top of any issues that arise and also make it easy to stick to a maintenance schedule.

So, what are some of the most common issues you’ll find with flat roofs? Let’s take a look at them and their fixes below.


This funny word refers to one of the most common problems with flat roofs as they age. Flat roofs are generally built using asphalt, and over time the elements and age cause it to lose elasticity. The result of this is a roof that cracks and bubbles up, which makes it look similar to the skin of an alligator.

So, what is the solution? Unfortunately, this one is not a DIY. Alligatoring on a flat roof means it is time for a total roof replacement. The good news is you have the Tom Byer Roofing team on your side to get the job done right, on time, and under budget.

Leaks and Lingering Moisture

Perhaps the biggest problem with flat roofs is that it’s hard to get the water to drain from them. With a sloped roof, the rainwater runs right off, but on flat roofs, it tends to puddle. Because of this, we find that leaks and lingering moisture are the number one reason for flat roof repairs. Regular checks will ensure that you can catch any spots that are ideal for puddles to form in.

Leaks are harder to spot, and usually you will not notice them until there is evidence of them inside of the building. It is important that you repair any leaks at their first sign. If you do not, they will become worse, posing health problems and damaging the structure.

For lingering moisture, the solution is to build up the spot on the roof where the puddle is forming, allowing the water to roll off into the drainage system. While this isn’t a job you want to mess up on, you could handle this yourself with the right guides and materials. Leaks, however, are trickier. Evidence of a roof leak often does not correspond with where the source actually is. Because of this, it is best left to professionals who know how to find the source and stop it.

Poor Workmanship

Baring the issues above, the most likely reason for problems with a flat roof is poor workmanship, especially if the problems arise early in the life of the roof. And this one may or may not be an easy fix depending on the nature of the problems at hand. Hopefully you used a contractor who is licensed and insured, but if not, you may be in quite a bind. The best thing to do is have the job fixed by a company with a strong reputation, one whom you know you can trust.

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