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Roofing problems are a common issue, even in the relatively mild climate we enjoy as residents of Southern California. When such problems arise, homeowners, business owners and property managers in the City of Dana Point turn to Tom Byer Roofing Service for Orange County’s finest in repair, replacement and inspection. With more than 60 years of continuous operation and a cost-effective blend of technical expertise and real-world experience, we’ll help you solve even the most serious roofing-related issues the first time around.

Repairing Residential Roofing

Common roofing materials used on Southern California homes built in the 20th or 21st century include traditional clay tiles, asphalt composition shingles, or rubber membranes. While some of these materials will last for extended periods of time, all residential roofs eventually develop problems serious enough to call for some form of repair. And in a worst-case scenario, improper installation or a severe weather episode can drastically shorten a roof’s normal lifespan.No matter the source of your room damage, a timely repair is the only way to avoid even greater problems in the future. At Tom Byer, we have more than 60 years of experience repairing the roofs of older and newer homes throughout Dana Point and other Orange County communities. Our comprehensive expertise covers all kinds of roofing materials, as well as the repair of the flat roofs sometimes found on residential buildings. Our customized approach to repairing roofs will quickly restore your home’s weathertight barrier.

Repairing Commercial and Industrial Roofing

The roofs installed on commercial and industrial buildings are frequently covered with tough materials that hold up for longer periods of time than residential roofing materials. That’s because use of these materials provides a cost-effective way to cope with long periods of normal and extreme weather exposure. Builders of apartment complexes sometimes install super-tough roofing materials for this same reason. However, just like a residential roof, a commercial or industrial roof will fail sooner or later, whether from normal wear and tear or specific weather- or installation-related issues.If anything, the owners of commercial and industrial properties have a greater incentive than homeowners to promptly repair roof damage and avoid the development of any further problems. At Tom Byer, we specialize in the repair of all kinds of commercial and industrial roofing materials, from rubber membranes and sheet metal to modified bitumen. We apply the same level of expertise to apartment complex repairs. In all cases, we modify our approach to fit the layout of your property and the roofing technology in use.

Roof Replacement

While a localized repair will get most roofs back in functional shape, some roofs are too damaged for this limited approach. In many cases, advanced deterioration of your roof is the result of normal long-term wear and tear. Serious roof damage can also be caused by issues such as severe weather, improper installation or the use of inferior roofing materials. When a repair won’t restore your roof to weathertight shape, you must put roof replacement on your short-term to-do list in order to avoid damage to your building’s structure and interior. Replacement can also restore the visual appeal of your roof in the aftermath of multiple previous repair jobs.By carefully inspecting your roofing materials, we can help you determine when roof replacement is needed, And if replacement is the most effective option, we can also help you decide whether it is necessary to strip your roof’s existing surface completely bare, or install a new layer of material directly over the original surface. Whichever route you choose, we support you with deep expertise and affordable, long-lasting materials.

Roof Leak Repair

Leaks in your roofing materials are one of the most common reasons for roof repairs. Unfortunately, actually identifying the source of a leak is difficult, even if you are aware that you have one. Unless you hire an experienced professional who knows how to accurately track the underlying issue, you can end up spending large sums of money without coming any closer to restoring your roof’s integrity. The specialists at Tom Byer rely on time-tested knowledge and the most advanced detection technology to identify leak sources and devise repairs that fix the issue without any need for further work.

Termite/Wood Damage

Like the residents of other Orange County communities, residents of Dana Point must deal with the seasonal termite swarms common throughout Southern California. Once an infestation occurs, you must seek help from a qualified exterminator. The next step in the process of recovery is hiring a roofing specialist who can inspect your roof, assess the severity of termite damage and devise an effective remedy for this damage. At Tom Byer, we’ve spent more than 50 years successfully handling all termite-related roofing issues for the region’s many residents. Depending on your situation, we’ll carry out an isolated repair of damaged sections or a complete replacement job.

Roof Inspections

You may receive a request from your insurance company to carry out a roof inspection before receiving coverage for your home, or as a necessary step for renewing your existing coverage. Typically, in this situation, only an inspection carried out by a roofing expert will satisfy your provider’s requirements. Throughout the year, we routinely conduct ground- and roof-level examinations that serve as an accurate record of your roof’s current condition.


Emergency Repairs

Serious roofing problems can occur at the most inconvenient times of day or night. While you may feel that you need to settle for what you can get in such circumstances, there’s no need to compromise the quality of the work you receive. That’s because Tom Byer responds to all emergency situations with the same high standard of work you’d expect at any other time.

Dana Point’s Source for the Best in Roofing

Situated on the Pacific Coast, the City of Dana Point boasts one of the only harbors in Orange County. The area is also known for its coves, high bluffs and longtime association with California’s rich surfing heritage. In addition, Dana Point serves as host to some of Southern California’s most popular annual events. The long list of these events includes: The Tall Ships Festival, the Festival of the Whales, the Dana Point Grand Prix bike race and the Dana Point Concours d’Elegance charity car show. The city also serves as a vital connection point between the mainland and neighboring Catalina Island.

From our convenient location in Garden Grove, family-owned and operated Tom Byer Roofing provides Dana Point and all of Orange County with the region’s most comprehensive selection of roofing services. Whether you’re seeking a repair, replacement or inspection, we’ll cover your needs as a homeowner, commercial/industrial property owner or commercial/industrial property manager. Call us today for scheduled or emergency assistance.

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