Property Overview:

This Westminster, Orange County  home was reroofed  in  2007 with a mineral surface rolled roof.  A dark colored  asphalt coated roofing product such as this has a life expectancy of 15 years and absorbs heat.   Despite the age of the roof it was in pretty good condition and was not leaking.  


The challenge for this home was that the owner wanted to extend the service life of the roof without having it torn off and replaced.  Another goal of the owner was to reduce energy costs.     Tom Byer Roofing Services in Garden Grove has been in business since 1982 performing roof inspections, repairs, maintenance and replacements for residential and commercial buildings.


To extend the lifespan of the roof it was pressure washed and then a white elastomeric silicone coating cool roof was applied over the existing roof.   A  three layer silicone cool roof coating system application  will protect the current roof from ultraviolet light , heat absorption, chemicals and adds a new additional layer of protection.  Silicone roof coatings erode slower than other applications, without cracking, chalking and will not become brittle.  This application will extend the life of the roof by another 10 years.

A cool roof coating reflects the sun’s heat and helps to cool the roof surface reducing the interior temperatures saving on cooling costs. 

Tom Byer Roofing used a 3 cool roof layer system by APOC that is Title 24 Compliant and Energy Star Certified


The process took 3 days from start to finish, no permits were required and the cost was less than half that of re-roofing.   The owner will have reduced cost in cooling his home and will get another 10 plus years out of the current roof.  

Cool Roof Coating


Silicone Roof Coating