Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: each season has its own kind of weather that is meant to be enjoyed. However, that same weather may wreak havoc on your roof. Over the years, your roof will withstand some severe wear and tear. Before feeling overwhelmed by roof repair or replacement, there are some easy steps you can take to become prepared when the occasion arises.

After you call for an appointment, here are five ways to prepare your home for a roof replacement when the time comes.

1. Move Your Cars Into the Street

Replacing a roof is a job that requires our team to be around the house, up and down ladders, and likely use the entirety of your driveway/garage if you have one. During this process, materials may be thrown off the roof at any given time. It’s best to avoid potential damage to your car and park on the street before we get started.

2. Taking Things Off the Walls

Though most roof replacement jobs aren’t super chaotic, it’s good practice to be cautious and consider taking pictures with glass frames off of the walls. The roofing process can rattle the walls from time to time, so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. This also goes for storing breakable items like vases in a safe place.

3. Consider The Noise

Repairing or replacing the roof could take hours, or possibly days, depending on the size and issue of the roof. This can also be a very noisy process as it involves the removal and replacement of the roof shingles along with installing a gutter.

You may consider leaving for a few hours to avoid the noise. If you have pets that are bothered by loud noises (do your pets have issues with fireworks or trick-or-treating? This can be a good indicator), consider taking them with you for the day so they won’t be alarmed. There will be several people working on a roof at any given time, so this could also cause anxiety in many household pets.

4. We’ll Cover Your Paver Driveway

Do you have a paver driveway or some other decorative pathway leading up to your garage? If so, you’ll notice that roofers will cover it with plywood for protection. When de-roofing a house, shingles are being thrown off from the roof, so your beautiful driveway is at risk of being chipped, damaged or stained. Most roofing companies will take care to ensure your driveway is safe.

5. Cover Your Pool

Much like your driveway, your pool is also at risk of getting damaged. Not only will debris get in your pool’s water, but it may also stain your plaster finish. Be sure to put your pool cover on before leaving. If you don’t have a cover, let us know, and we can provide a tarp.

Replacing an entire roof can be a big deal! Do you have additional questions or concerns? We have the professional experience and equipment to safely work on your roof to remove and replace broken shingles. Call Tom Byer Roofing today to discuss your roof replacement needs.